Alireza Hayati

About Me

Cosmopolitan user experience designer with passion for privacy. I’m a dreamer, coder, bookworm, audiophile, and risk-taker who currently functions to create strong, lasting and remarkable design. I’m enough of a designer to create freely upon my imagination.

More I learn, more I create. I spend most of my time reading not only books but weblogs and articles online. I have a private library of books on different topics but my eagerness to read more made it full, so I started to read online and digital books.

I’m very careful about my computing. I don’t own a smartphone and my computers are only things digital I use. I read and write emails, maintain websites, read books and articles, watch movies, listen to music, communicate on social media, and write my notes with them.

All on fully-encrypted devices with free software installed and privacy-respecting services. I explained how do I do my computing before and I sometimes update it.

Last update: 23 August 2019