Alireza Hayati

How Do I Do My Computing

There's a lot of things I don't use. I don't use a smartphone, a PC, a tablet, Twitter, Facebook, Google, navigation apps, smart watch, trackers, etc. It happens a lot that people tell me to communicate with them using messenger apps like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger and I refuse every time; because I don't want to let companies violate my right to own my own data and privacy.

I recently deleted my Telegram messenger account. Telegram refused to cooperate with governments and its secure chats are encrypted but still has a logging policy and keeps user data and there’s no transparency report available so it cannot be trusted. I always ask people to encrypt their messages and use secure ways of communication. I always ask people to send files using OnionShare or secure alternatives.

I use a Lenovo Ideapad laptop with Gnu/Linux operating system which is installed on a fully-encrypted hard drive and running only free software. I never use a Windows PC or Mac/iOS computer. When I have to use another people computers, I run Tails operating system and I send all information through a secure/hidden Tor network.

I don't own a smartphone. I also don't use mobile phones. I deactivated my customized mobile phone and I no longer use it. Now, the only way to communicate with me is to send me email messages or using Keybase. I always ask people not to send me serious information or any information that can be used for identification.

I'm very careful about how I connect to the internet. I use Firefox browser with some privacy add-on. I don't connect to websites that don't encrypt my communication with them. It means I won't visit your website if you don't have a valid SSL/TLS certificate. If I have to surf your website for the first time, I'll use Tor browser with LibreJS and NoScript add-on as well as HTTPS Everywhere. I use Thunderbird to read or send encrypted email messages.

I always download my emails to a local hard drive. I never keep my emails on the server or cloud. I don't use Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, or other email services which can violate our privacy rights. I use Riseup to get a personal email. I try not to communicate with people whom don't encrypt their messages or use not secure services but if I have to respond, I'll do it.

I'm not a picky person about programs but I only use free software. For example, I rather use GitCola as a git GUI and not GitKraken. I sometimes publish some programs I write under GPL version 3 license.

I also avoid using GitHub as it's now owned by Microsoft. I used to have an account on GitHub but now I try to host my own code.

I try to use services which don't require signing-up but when I have to use them, I use a Temp-mail email and I delete my account and information after.

This website is proudly hosted by Autistici/Inventati. They collect as least information as possible. This website doesn't track people or set cookies but I suggest you to use a reliable VPN service; not only for this website but for all websites. No third-party service is being used to deliver you content.

I block JavaScript on websites. It can be dangerous. I try to block JavaScript codes but sometimes it's needed to get services.

I'm conscious that nothing is completely safe online. So I ask people not to trust anyone even if you know them. Some people give me their personal information. I never save these information and I ask them not to do that again.

Some people ask me for my personal information. I never give them these kind of information. Some people also ask me that what kind of information is personal. I tell them that any information that can be used to identify them is personal. It includes their real name, birthday, passwords, personal email address, IP, location, phone number, fax, credit/debit card number, bank information, MAC address, private PGP code, etc.

I try to pay cash as much as possible but sometimes I have to pay with a debit card; when it's that, I always use the POS machine personally. I enter the password myself and I don't let other people touch my card.

Sometimes people ask me to use my laptop. I only give my laptop to people I trust. I have a guest user account with no root/administrator access for other people. I don't let people install anything on my laptop and I ask them to leave no personal information on my device.

Some people ask me to hack into other people stuff such as their WiFi router or email account. I always refuse to do that and ask them to respect other people privacy and right to own their information. I used to report security bugs to companies but I no longer do that.

Last update: 07 September 2019