Ali Reza Hayati

Encryption Public Keys


These keys may change in future. Please note that the best place for getting my keys is here. Recheck this page if you want to send me a message after a while.
Last update: April 04, 2020.


My long PGP key ID is 0x51428962A7E1061F and my full fingerprint is 3463 248A 4085 4DDE 4A5A D5F0 5142 8962 A7E1 061F. Download 0x51428962A7E1061F.asc (.txt) to use it.

You may find keys under my name on some keyservers but the best way to get the real key is to check this page before sending me messages. I'll always provide my PGP information here, before anywhere else.

There’s no reason to trust this key. Of course, to be really sure which key is mine, you need to get my key fingerprint from me (directly) or follow a chain of signatures. Please be careful about information you send using email messages.

If you don't know how to encrypt your email, take a look at this page. If you can't encrypt your email, let Keybase do it for you: My Keybase profile is on


If you want to send me a message using XMPP, please encrypt your messages using OMEMO or PGP. My fingerprints: