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Israel Arrested Human Rights Activist 06 Nov 2019

Israeli soldiers arrested Palestinian human rights worker ‘Aref Daraghmeh, who attends protests to document how Israeli soldiers treat protesters. They hit him, and put him in the sun where he eventually fainted and had to be hospitalized.

Aref Daraghmeh was arrested on Thursday, October 31, at around 10:00 a.m. at Tayasir Checkpoint in the Jordan Valley (West Bank).

After being held at the checkpoint for about an hour, he was taken to a nearby military post. Soldiers left him sitting on a chair in the sun. One soldier hit him on his back. After about four hours Mr. Daraghmeh felt ill, fainted, and was taken to a nearby clinic and from it to a hospital in Afula where he received medical treatment.

Israel is becoming an apartheid and anti-human-rights country. Israeli soldiers kill innocent people and arrest human rights activists. They develop nuclear weapons and attack countries like Syria with no good reason and in ways that can rise violence in middle east and worse than that, most countries are silenced about these problems.


Germany Plans to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy 05 Nov 2019

A draft law prohibits the religiously-motivated therapy for all minors, with violators facing jail time. Health Minister Spahn said the ban sends a message to those struggling with their sexuality: “You’re okay just as you are”.

I believe it’s a positive way to stop churches. People (mostly religious parents who force their children) sometimes force their children (or others) to go to therapy and take medications because of their sexual orientation. This should be stopped. However it would be a good law, we should not stop people who personally want this for themselves. Some people may get confused with their sexual behavior and therapy would be great choice for them.

DW reports that therapies that treat sexual preferences such as exhibitionism or pedophilia were exempted from the bill. This is great. DW also reports that police (or legal authorities) will only take action if the patient complains about being forced to go to therapy.


Delete Accounts You Don't Need 05 Nov 2019

There’s some privacy-focused free (libre) services that help people be secure and able to communicate and browse/surf safely and free. It’s a shame that we don’t have a giant tech company that respects users and treat them the way they should. Of course paying these services and making donations is one way to support them, but it’s not the only way.

One way that you can help them is to make use of their services in ways that doesn’t cost them much. For example, if you use a secure privacy-focused email service, you can download your emails and delete them from their servers. This can help them have more space available on their servers. They may provide services free of charge but it’s not free. It costs them.

Or if you use a cloud account to store your files, you can delete files you won’t use or are unnecessary. Don’t keep them. We all know some files or contacts that we won’t use ever but we keep them because we’re actually afraid. If you don’t use an account or service, delete it. Don’t keep it because it can help that service keep being alive. It’s important.

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Providing Non-Free Software to Other People 04 Nov 2019

We the free software activists always believe that people should “choose” free software. Free software never should be forced to people. We don’t force people to use free software just like we don’t cut our relationship with them; we just feel sorry that they don’t respect their freedom and security much enough.

Not all of us were using free software all our life. Some people were using mostly proprietary software before they got to know software freedom. Microsoft Windows OS, WhatsApp messenger, Google services, etc. are some of the most popular proprietary programs and services in world and lots of people who are now using only free software and services were using them before.

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The 'We Bought a Zoo' Movie 03 Nov 2019

I just saw the “we Bought a Zoo” movie and it was amazing. It was full of life and ‘up and downs’. I really enjoyed that movie. Matt Damon also played his character very well. I’m encouraged to see more of his films. I’m not a big fan of drama movies but this one was really satisfying. If you have not seen the movie, go buy it (from a local movie store if possible) now. You won’t regret it.


Google Acquired Fitbit 03 Nov 2019

The Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit raises questions about data privacy and antitrust. Fitbit has been collecting health data from users for years and now that Google bought it, Google has access to an unlimited amount of data from users and their possible accurate health situation. This is another reason for people to stop providing their personal information.

Google says it won’t use people’s data to target them with ads but with a history of lying and spying on people, this can’t be trusted. Also, if Google won’t use these information for its advertising system, for what reason will it use them? The acquisition also gives more fodder to regulators who are already scrutinizing whether the company is too big and should be broken up.

If you own a Fitbit device, please stop using it and request an data purge if possible. Some Fitbit devices also use Amazon Alexa virtual assistant which is also dangerous for your privacy rights.


Katie Hill's Resignation 02 Nov 2019

Katie Hill, a first-term Democratic congresswoman from California, was forced to resign after her nude photos leaked online. Hill claims her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kenny Heslep, “weaponized” naked photos of her that were then published in a conservative media outlet without her consent.

Nobody should feel compelled to resign from anything because their nude photos have been published. We should stop double standards. I believe if it happened to a male person, he would not feel shame or compelled to resign as community wouldn’t blame him. Taking a nude photo is not shameful. We should shame people who publish them.

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How Free Software Cares for Freedom 01 Nov 2019

When I explain differences of free software and open source, I mention how free software focuses on freedom of users not on the source code. One of the things I have to answer after my explanation is how free software cares for freedom of users and why we care about copyleft licenses and free culture.

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Humans and Environment 31 Oct 2019

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teen who started a global climate protest, now is so popular for her actions and her speech in United Nations headquarter. She is continuously working to save the planet asking countries and organizations to stop their activities and works that can result in polluting the environment.

Lots of people are now fighting for future of the planet and protesting against governments and organizations to stop them. I believe there’s nothing wrong with the planet. Planet is fine and it works. This protests are just an excuse for how we live. It’s not the planet that has a problem but it’s the people. We can’t interference with the process of nature and be annoyed that planet is getting bad and worse.

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On Hacking 31 Oct 2019

Sometimes I get asked if I’m a hacker. I always respond yes, but not a hacker you may think. However I sometimes check systems vulnerabilities, I don’t infiltrate people’s computers. I surely am a hacker. I find ways to do stuff. For example, this blog is created using simple HTML and CSS codes I’ve been writing to create different pages, different static pages, and now it’s a Jekyll (the static website generator) theme. It’s hack. I did this hack to build something and that something is turning my old simple small static page to a blog.

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Privacy of Patients 30 Oct 2019

Some of so-called smart devices such as Amazon assistant Alexa can listen to and record conversations. If you visit a doctor, whether it’s a viral disease or not, please check if that doctor uses a smart device with ability of recording things. Amazon’s Alexa, smart TVs, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and etc. are some examples of devices with such ability. Your privacy rights can be violated by these devices. List of devices that can violate your privacy rights is not limited to devices I named. Be careful about them.


Catholic Priest in SC Refused to Give Biden Communion 30 Oct 2019

Citing Biden’s support for abortion, a catholic priest in South Carolina refused to give him communion. They deny communion to a politician over a politician position, but allowed priests who raped little boys to keep administering the sacrament. They punish supporting abortion more than they punish raping kids.


Myths About VPNs 29 Oct 2019

There’s a lof myths and wrong advertisements about VPNs. Lots of people believe VPNs make you private or completely safe. It’s not completely true. Most VPNs are designed to just hide your identity for some people or organizations, and your internet service provider. Not all of VPN providers’ claims are true.

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Voting Anonymously 28 Oct 2019

Modernizing voting systems to make people vote online or using software is really great. The only problem is these voting stands or sites are probably not using free software and they collect information from people. Collecting information of voters is not completely bad. For example, we have to know who voted (for a limited time) and how many people voted.

However these information only should be kept for a limited time, for example 2 months, it is imperative to register this information. My problem with these systems is that these information should be kept in a non-identifying way. There should not be any way to find out who voted for whom or when and how people voted.

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Help GNOME Fight for Free Software Movement 28 Oct 2019

The GNOME foundation is raising funds to fight against a patent troll and invalidate their patent. They could simply pay the money that patent troll asked for, but they’re fighting to stop these trolls. This is not only about GNOME or paying money, it’s about how we should stand against such bullies and trolls. Free Software/Culture Movement was an easy target for patent trolls before; but now, with what GNOME aims to do, it can be ended.

If you can, please donate (even small amount) to the GNOME foundation. To support their work and to support their action against patent trolls. You can read more on the GNOME website or go directly to the funding page.


I Changed My Email Address 27 Oct 2019

I just changed my email address. I have my last email address but it’s a temporary account to get my emails from possible services I forgot to change my email in them. You can message me using my new email. There’s also a new PGP key generated you can check on /pgp.html.


Turkish Fenerbahce S.K. Football Players Support Turkish Army 27 Oct 2019

Fenerbahce players wore t-shirts with a picture of a soldier on it giving military salute. At the bottom of the t-shirts, there were a text saying “Homeland Is Grateful to You”. It’s hard to believe that these t-shirts are not related to situation of Turkeys neighbor country, Syria, and the Turkey’s military action against innocent Kurds. Wearing these t-shirts was among other things the Turkish national players to salute before their European championship qualifier against Albania.

Turkish troops launched earlier in October, a military offensive against Kurdish rebels in Syria, which immediately got the international community to condemn the Turks’ actions. Turkey’s military is responsible for death of thousands of innocent Kurds. International peacekeeping organizations are complaining about Turks’ interventions and crimes.


ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Believed Killed 27 Oct 2019

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is reported dead. A U.S. Special Ops mission targeted the ISIS leader near Barisha, Syria, overnight. The mission included helicopters, jets and U.S. drones, the sources said. The U.S. fired from the air and then landed and gathered intelligence, the sources said. Several others were also killed in a convoy. There were no reports of U.S. casualties. Newsweek was the first to report the raid.

This is really good news. Sources say that the DNA test confirms it’s Al-Baghdadid himself that is dead. There were news back in 2017 about Al-Baghdadi being killed but ISIS denied those news by issuing a statement. We should celebrate this day. More of ISIS leaders should be taken out. They’re responsible for death of thousands (or possibly millions) of people.


New York Times Blocks Browser Private Mode 27 Oct 2019

New York Times website won’t let you read articles when your browser is in incognito/private mode. Users of Tor browser and people who use the incognito mode in their browser are forced to create an account on New York Times to be able to continue reading articles. This is an example of how companies are violating people’s right to be anonymous and private. Please avoid creating accounts (whether they’re free or premium) on NYT. They also run non-free JavaScript on their website.

Previously was doing such thing. They disabled their articles for users in incognito mode and forced users to purchase a subscription on their website. Some websites limit the number of articles people can read without a subscription. I think that’s acceptable as long as websites don’t collect personal information, including but not limited to IP addresses.

If you have same experience about any other website with such practices, please send me an email message (PGP Key).


Stop Helping Google's Mass Surveillance 27 Oct 2019

Lots of websites are using Google services (such as Google Analytics) and at the same time they’re complaining about being victim of mass surveillance. One of the ways of fighting this massive surveillance is to stop using services provided by these data-hungry companies. Mass surveillance won’t be possible if we don’t give data and information to these companies.

We should start this fight with ourselves. Almost every website I visit is using at least one service that disrespects users’ privacy. This is absolutely not acceptable in any way. Some of them remind people that we can use privacy plugins. It’s not an acceptable excuse. You shouldn’t provide data to these companies just because we can use plugins. Privacy should be priority; not just an option.