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November 2019

Google Is Working on a Secret Project to Collect Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans Tue. 12

Story of Janayugom Tue. 12

Facebook Is Accessing iPhone Camera Without Authorization Tue. 12

Lying to Yourself Mon. 11 [quote]

Gambia Files Rohingya Genocide Case Against Myanmar at UN Court Mon. 11

Hong Kong Police Uses User Data to Arrest Protesters Mon. 11

The Real Danger of Robots Mon. 11

Politicians Are All the Same Mon. 11

Catholic Priest Arrested After Abusing 11-Year-Old Girl Sun. 10

What Privacy Is About Sun. 10

Israeli Army Shot and Injured 104 Palestinian Civilians Sun. 10

Hertha Berlin and RB Leipzig Break Down Wall Sat. 9

The Medicare for All Debate Is Long Overdue Sat. 9

A Tight Grip On Our Nuclear Toys Sat. 9

Erdogan to UEFA: It's Turkey's Right to Salute Our Soldiers Thu. 7

UN Secretary-General Concerned About Clashes With Iraqi Protesters Thu. 7

Targeted Ads Are Super Destructive Thu. 7

DNA Profiles Privacy Thu. 7

Uber Fighting for Privacy Wed. 6

U.S. Journalist Got Arrested Because He Helped Protesters Wed. 6

Israel Arrested Human Rights Activist Wed. 6

Germany Plans to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy Tue. 5

Delete Accounts You Don't Need Tue. 5

Providing Non-Free Software to Other People Mon. 4

The 'We Bought a Zoo' Movie Sun. 3

Google Acquired Fitbit Sun. 3

Katie Hill's Resignation Sat. 2

How Free Software Cares for Freedom Fri. 1

October 2019

Humans and Environment Thu. 31

On Hacking Thu. 31

Privacy of Patients Wed. 30

Catholic Priest in SC Refused to Give Biden Communion Wed. 30

Myths About VPNs Tue. 29

Voting Anonymously Mon. 28

Help GNOME Fight for Free Software Movement Mon. 28

I Changed My Email Address Sun. 27

Turkish Fenerbahce S.K. Football Players Support Turkish Army Sun. 27

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Believed Killed Sun. 27

New York Times Blocks Browser Private Mode Sun. 27

Stop Helping Google's Mass Surveillance Sun. 27

Kurdish Community in Australia Fears a Genocide Sun. 27

Fixes Before Publishing Sat. 26

GNU or Linux? Which One Is the OS? Sat. 26

Minimal Static Websites Sat. 26

Protests in Lebanon Sat. 26 [photo]

Police In Chile Snorting Cocaine Before Attacking Students Fri. 25

Freedom Priority Fri. 25 [quote]

7-Eleven Fuel App Data Breach Exposes Users' Personal Details Fri. 25

BBC Via Tor Thu. 24

Cinnamon Desktop Environment Thu. 24

Stop Privacy-Violating Startup Accelerators Wed. 23

Threat Against Kurds Wed. 23

Apple Pulled Taiwanese Flag From iPhone Wed. 23

True Sexual Equality Tue. 22

Diminished Status of Women in the Imperial Family of Japan Tue. 22

Search Engines Privacy Tue. 22

Your Threat Model Mon. 21

U.S. Military Will No Longer Use Floppy Disks to Coordinate Nuke Launches Sun. 20

Real Freedom and Liberty Sun. 20

Hate Speech Should Be Controlled Sun. 20

Startpage Is Now Owned by an Advertising Company Sat. 19

U.S. Government Is Testing Mass Surveillance Sat. 19

Don't Trust Companies Sat. 19

American Racial Inequality Fri. 18

Fighting Over Logic in Fiction Movies Thu. 17

We Should Use New Ways of Authentication Thu. 17

Road of Denali Thu. 17 [photo]

Developing Stuff Based on Needs Thu. 17

Other Cultures Wed. 16 [quote]

We Should Take Action to Help Free Culture Be Protected Wed. 16

Using Free Software for Free-Culture Works Wed. 16

No Face Surveillance in Brookline Wed. 16

Everything's Political Tue. 15

Paranoia Mon. 14

The Problem With E-Books Sun. 13

Hello World With Jekyll Sun. 13

Tor Browser Is Not As Safe As You Think Fri. 11

Password Manager Ideas Fri. 11

I Deleted All My Social Accounts Thu. 10

I've Decided to Start Writing About Stuff Again Thu. 10