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New York Times Blocks Browser Private Mode
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New York Times website won’t let you read articles when your browser is in incognito/private mode. Users of Tor browser and people who use the incognito mode in their browser are forced to create an account on New York Times to be able to continue reading articles. This is an example of how companies are violating people’s right to be anonymous and private. Please avoid creating accounts (whether they’re free or premium) on NYT. They also run non-free JavaScript on their website.

Previously BostonGlobe.com was doing such thing. They disabled their articles for users in incognito mode and forced users to purchase a subscription on their website. Some websites limit the number of articles people can read without a subscription. I think that’s acceptable as long as websites don’t collect personal information, including but not limited to IP addresses.

If you have same experience about any other website with such practices, please send me an email message (PGP Key).

27 Oct 2019 #privacy