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On Hacking
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Sometimes I get asked if I’m a hacker. I always respond yes, but not a hacker you may think. However I sometimes check systems vulnerabilities, I don’t infiltrate people’s computers. I surely am a hacker. I find ways to do stuff. For example, this blog is created using simple HTML and CSS codes I’ve been writing to create different pages, different static pages, and now it’s a Jekyll (the static website generator) theme. It’s hack. I did this hack to build something and that something is turning my old simple small static page to a blog.

Being a hacker doesn’t mean that you should know how to code or steal stuff from people’s computers. It simply means that you’re innovative enough to find efficient ways of doing stuff. You’ve created your own Halloween custom? Congrats, you’re a hacker. I see some people naming themselves hackers and separating themselves from other people only because they have a set of tools and enough knowledge to infiltrate other people’s computers.

For sure they’re special. They’re some of the most important people on planet. It’s because of them that we can have privacy and security even if it’s least possible. But they’re not invincible heroes. Hackers are not some weird dangerous people wearing all black and handing over applications that you run and suddenly you get huge amount of information from others.

The hackers community includes all kind of people. People who create themselves some kind of car. People who can make smart mirrors. People who find innovative ways of feeding humans. Lazy people. Hard-working people. All kind of people. They’re not all using computers or intercept data. They care for communities, environment, society, politics, and everything.

Next time you meet a person doing to make things better, don’t forget what a great hacker that person is.

31 Oct 2019 #notes