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Password Manager Ideas
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I’ve been using password managers for a while. Before that, I used to remember all passwords I had and it was dangerous. I used an algorithm to generate strong passwords but if a person could crack two of them, that person would be able to crack the algorithm and access to data I have.

I don’t have a lot of online accounts now but I still need to use strong password. That’s where password managers come in handy. I generate strong passwords with them but what I’m concerned of is how to keep password archive files safe.

I store password archives in encrypted archives and then encrypt these archives with AES-256. I also encrypt every text. This is more secure than usual way (one password to world) but it has its own problems. For example, it takes some time to decrypt archives and use password archive to use one of your passwords. Specially when you’re in hurry.

There should be a password manager that does all of it automatically and also can create secure USB keys. It would be nice. I already suggested these to creators of my favorite password manager. Let’s see what happens.

11 Oct 2019 #software, #privacy