< Ali Reza Hayati

Real Freedom and Liberty
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Everyday with technological advances in world, governments, dominants, and power-seekers are making ways to control humans more. They limit our privacy, they create backdoors for our security walls, they collect our personal information, and they violate our rights over data and information more and more and they claim they do these to protect us. It’s a ridicules reason.

We people should be able to live anonymously. It’s not OK to be violated and disrespected because of possible dangers. It would be ridicules if someone tell us we shouldn’t go out because of possible car accident. Same as collecting our information and metadata because it’s possible some of us are terrorists. We should oppose this.

Imagine police officers (or as Mr. Stallamn calls them thugs) forcing us to wear see-through cloths because it’s possible some of us are hiding guns under our clothing. It’s not OK. This is not freedom. We should not search for services that respect our privacy. Respecting our data should be our basic right.

Nobody should be able to access slightest information from us, ever, for any reason. If there’s a need for our information, there should be consent from us with an explanation from people who are receiving them. We should fight for our freedom. Fight for real liberties and freedom rights. A free country is a place that we are in control, not governments or other thugs.

20 Oct 2019 #privacy, #politics