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We Should Take Action to Help Free Culture Be Protected
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I believe foundations like Creative Commons and EFF should also provide legal works. It will help people and free culture/software movement to grow their work better. Licenses like GNU GPL are written with help of lawyers and they’re a good example of what a legal document can do for free culture/software growth. I believe we should donate and help these kind of foundations to deliver opportunities for development of activists who work for freedom.

Fighting for freedom can be more useful if foundations would fight in courts and legal firms to support people who are providing their work with free licenses. While ago, GNOME Foundation announced that they’re facing a lawsuit from Rothschild Patent Imaging (source). It made free culture/software society very sad. If there were organizations to fight for freedom of software (and free culture), these kind of lawsuits would not happen.

GNOME Foundation is well known. This helps them to be stronger in this kind of events but not famous foundations and projects may not have enough resources to fight back against these kind of happenings. We never forget how Steve Ballmer called Linux (GNU/Linux, free software, and GNU GPL) a cancer. Do you know what would have happen if the society of free culture/software had not support the GNU/Linux and GNU GPL?

The need for these kind of organizations that can help free culture/software movements be protected is strongly felt. We should take action.

16 Oct 2019 #software