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Voting Anonymously
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Modernizing voting systems to make people vote online or using software is really great. The only problem is these voting stands or sites are probably not using free software and they collect information from people. Collecting information of voters is not completely bad. For example, we have to know who voted (for a limited time) and how many people voted.

However these information only should be kept for a limited time, for example 2 months, it is imperative to register this information. My problem with these systems is that these information should be kept in a non-identifying way. There should not be any way to find out who voted for whom or when and how people voted.

The identity of voters should be kept separately from the ID (the person) they voted for and there should be proof and guarantee that people’s data will be purged (completely) after a time. The only way to destroy information completely is to destroy the hard drive with making a hole in it. It’s needless to say that for safety of voters and to avoid abusing of power, all data should be encrypted. Voters information also should be encrypted with the password they set. It includes all logs (except for necessary information) including (but not limited to) their identity, time they voted, and the place they voted.

The only way to protect users is to encrypt their voting accounts in a way that nobody, except them, can gain access to them. Voting accounts also should have a date of expiry and data destruction. No third-party app or tracker should be included and none of giant technology companies should be involved in voting system.

I believe this is the best way to protect users. Unless it happens, electronic voting and using software is not a good idea.

28 Oct 2019 #privacy, #politics