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Germany Plans to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy
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A draft law prohibits the religiously-motivated therapy for all minors, with violators facing jail time. Health Minister Spahn said the ban sends a message to those struggling with their sexuality: “You’re okay just as you are”.

I believe it’s a positive way to stop churches. People (mostly religious parents who force their children) sometimes force their children (or others) to go to therapy and take medications because of their sexual orientation. This should be stopped. However it would be a good law, we should not stop people who personally want this for themselves. Some people may get confused with their sexual behavior and therapy would be great choice for them.

DW reports that therapies that treat sexual preferences such as exhibitionism or pedophilia were exempted from the bill. This is great. DW also reports that police (or legal authorities) will only take action if the patient complains about being forced to go to therapy.

05 Nov 2019 #politics