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Providing Non-Free Software to Other People
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We the free software activists always believe that people should “choose” free software. Free software never should be forced to people. We don’t force people to use free software just like we don’t cut our relationship with them; we just feel sorry that they don’t respect their freedom and security much enough.

Not all of us were using free software all our life. Some people were using mostly proprietary software before they got to know software freedom. Microsoft Windows OS, WhatsApp messenger, Google services, etc. are some of the most popular proprietary programs and services in world and lots of people who are now using only free software and services were using them before.

Now, when we finally understand the value of software freedom, we start to set our non-free stuff aside just like how lot of us don’t use Windows anymore. But there’s also another things we don’t do. For example, we know that using most of Google services will end up providing data to Google and this will help evil. We also don’t provide non-free service/software to people.

We believe providing non-free software or helping people to use it is as evil as violating your rights ourselves. Giving a person a knife to kill someone is as evil as killing someone. This is how proprietary software works. We don’t provide people non-free software because it’s as bad as using it ourselves or creating it ourselves.

As much as we hate proprietary software for ourselves, we hate it for others too. As much as we believe using free software is good, we believe providing ways to use non-free software is evil. This is why we give you option to choose between a free messenger (for example Signal) and a non-free messenger (for example WhatsApp) but we don’t give you option to communicate with us using proprietary software. You can use WhatsApp messenger but not to communicate with us.

You an use Twitter, but not to mention or follow us. If you want to communicate with us, you can find us on Mastodon or GNU Social. We use free alternatives. This is the way you can choose. We won’t stop communicating with you, we only won’t communicate with you using evil software. This is not only about communication. Communication is just one example. We don’t use non-free software for any reason because we believe freedom is much more valuable than anything.

04 Nov 2019 #software