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Your Threat Model 21 Oct 2019

Most people when they’re requesting a secure service, like a mailbox on Autistici, Systemli, or Riseup, claim that they need these services to protect their privacy. The truth is a secure mailbox or a private network can never promise privacy protection. What can promise you such protection is you taking control of your data, communications, and information exchange.

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U.S. Military Will No Longer Use Floppy Disks to Coordinate Nuke Launches 20 Oct 2019

As we alarmingly learned in 2014, the U.S. military has been using 8-inch floppy disks in an antiquated ’70s computer to receive nuclear launch orders from the President. Now, the U.S. strategic command has announced that it has replaced the drives with a “highly-secure solid state digital storage solution,” Lt. Col. Jason Rossi told

The storage is used in an ancient system called the Strategic Automated Command and Control System, or SACCS. It’s used by U.S. nuclear forces to send emergency action messages from command centers to field forces, and is unhackable precisely because it was created long before the internet existed.

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Real Freedom and Liberty 20 Oct 2019

Everyday with technological advances in world, governments, dominants, and power-seekers are making ways to control humans more. They limit our privacy, they create backdoors for our security walls, they collect our personal information, and they violate our rights over data and information more and more and they claim they do these to protect us. It’s a ridicules reason.

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Hate Speech Should Be Controlled 20 Oct 2019

There’s a lot of hate speech going-on on social media and services are trying to censor and boycott it. I believe hate speech and these kind of mental and moral problems should be controlled and healed. Boycotting these people and censoring them is not a complete solution for this problem. We should find an alternative way of treating these people.

People who can’t speak and act online, may do these speaking and actions in real world and hurt people. I’m not saying we should not take action against hate speech or let the hate spread. I’m saying we should find ways to help these people understand there’s no need for hate. I believe online sessions for therapy and intimate encounter with them can help. We should help them. Removing them is not a good option.


Startpage Is Now Owned by an Advertising Company 19 Oct 2019

Startpage is now (partly) owned by System1. A company which has developed a pre-targeting platform that identifies and unlocks consumer intent across channels including social, native, email, search, market research, and lead generation rather than relying solely on what consumers enter into search boxes.

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U.S. Government Is Testing Mass Surveillance 19 Oct 2019

The U.S. government is testing mass surveillance on the border before turning it on Americans. Almost every technology developed at the border in the last two decades now exists in local police departments. Border Patrol’s electronic eyes will spot you long before you spot them.

If you walk along the United States border in remote stretches of New Mexico desert, or in the grasslands between North Dakota and Canada, you might not hear the buzz of what could be flying above you: A Predator drone — the same vehicle that has been outfitted to drop bombs over Afghanistan and Iraq. From five miles away, the drone’s cameras can see so well they can tell if you’re wearing a backpack.

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Don't Trust Companies 19 Oct 2019

It’s no news companies that claim to respect users’ privacy are handing over people’s information and data to governments and third-parties. We should never allow these companies to violate our rights and collect information from us. Years ago news agencies reported that Hushmail is handing over user’s data to federal agents and it was not the last time a company claiming to respect users is doing otherwise. Apple employees were listening to users’ Siri conversations. These companies are not trustworthy. We should keep away from them and use alternatives.

Keep in mind that nothing is safe online. If it’s so important, meet in real person to discuss it.


American Racial Inequality 18 Oct 2019

Another example of racism and racial inequality happened lately in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jerry Wardell, a local black person who called 911 for help, heard this sentence: “Thank you for calling 911, please sit tight and don’t worry, first responders will be there to end your life shortly”.

This is not an acceptable mistake. mentioned sentence is said by the 911 operator after confirming what Wardell looked like, as well as the identities of others present at the emergency situation, in order to arrange for sufficient agents of death to ensure the expiration of every black life present.

“We’ve already dispatched several liquidators into the field, so just remain calm and you should be dead within 10 minutes. If you stay on the line, I’ll be able to talk you through your last breaths and make sure that we’re able to bring you and your loved ones a swift termination.” At press time, the 911 operator was advising the frantic black caller to move to a location where the responding officers would be able to clearly shoot him.

Source: The Onion


Fighting Over Logic in Fiction Movies 17 Oct 2019

I’ve seen people who are fighting about logic (or asked about it) of fiction movies. They choose a specific part of movie and discuss the logic like it’s all true and only this part is being ridicules. For example, I’ve seen people fighting over “why vampires need heart if they’re already dead”. Guys, vampires are not real. These are movies. Stop fighting over them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of these movies and I’ve seen a lot of them but I believe fighting over whys and hows is pointless. We should just stop the fights and just enjoy the movies. There’s a lot of things movies can teach us, hopefully “being friends” and “starting doing stuff instead of waiting for others” are some of them.


We Should Use New Ways of Authentication 17 Oct 2019

It’s been a while since news agencies reported that scammers are using a new way to steal Bitcoin from people. There were news about a person who used to call telephone carriers and introduced itself as the owner of a SIM card. He asked phone carriers to disable the old SIM card (claimed that the SIM card is lost) and also asked them to temporarily forward the text messages to another number that he provided. He used this way to bypass security walls and enter to people’s Bitcoin wallets.

This is now again happening. There’s new reports that scammers are trying this way again and they successfully stole a large amount of money from people. This is why we need physical security. New ways of authentications. We cannot trust in services that don’t take our privacy and security seriously.

Companies two-step verification systems need new updates to avoid this SIM swap scam and other kinds that can harm us in similar ways. We should use new ways of verification like encrypted physical keys. We should take this seriously. More people are using cryptocurrencies nowadays for various reasons including privacy and security and we should help them to be “really” secure.


Shared Photo: Road of Denali 17 Oct 2019

Road of Denali

Road of Denali

Bijan Sabet

Developing Stuff Based on Needs 17 Oct 2019

As you know, I’ve away from social medias and services that allow me to publish different kind of material such as notes, pictures, quotes, code, etc. and as “Necessity is the mother of invention” I decided to develop my current weblog to be able to share links, photos, notes, quotes, and other stuff. It took me few hours to write the correct code to be able to share those stuff but now they’re ready.

It’s not the final theme for me and it needs some development and fixes of course but for now, it suits me. I’ll work on this theme and I may share the theme under a free license. Perhaps GNU GPL but first I need to check if it’s possible to share the theme under some license other than MIT. Let’s see what happens.


Shared Quote: Other Cultures 16 Oct 2019

As the traveler who has once been from home is wiser than he who has never left his own doorstep, so a knowledge of one other culture should sharpen our ability to scrutinize more steadily, to appreciate more lovingly, our own.

Margaret Mead [permalink]

We Should Take Action to Help Free Culture Be Protected 16 Oct 2019

I believe foundations like Creative Commons and EFF should also provide legal works. It will help people and free culture/software movement to grow their work better. Licenses like GNU GPL are written with help of lawyers and they’re a good example of what a legal document can do for free culture/software growth. I believe we should donate and help these kind of foundations to deliver opportunities for development of activists who work for freedom.

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Using Free Software for Free-Culture Works 16 Oct 2019

Why some free-culture (and software) meetings ask you to sign-up for events on proprietary platforms? I liked to join a meeting about GNU/Linux but the only way to attend in it was to sign-up on a non-free service with trackers and privacy-violating policy over data. I tried to contact them by sending them an email message but I couldn’t find any email address or PGP encryption key. Mailing lists also were unavailable. This is a problem. People who are interested in GNU/Linux and free software should be able to attend in these meetings without being in danger of privacy-invading platforms.

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No Face Surveillance in Brookline 16 Oct 2019

Law enforcement’s use of face surveillance [in United States and possible other countries] poses a profound threat to personal privacy, political and religious expression, and the fundamental freedom to go about our lives without having our movements and associations covertly monitored and analyzed.

Face surveillance technology can be used for identifying or verifying the identity of an individual using photos or videos. The government can even conduct dragnet, real-time face surveillance of entire neighborhoods. Face surveillance technology is also prone to error, implicating people for crimes they haven’t committed.

Speak up to protect your privacy rights, and support a ban on the Brookline government’s use of face surveillance.

Above note is originally published on EFF Action Center with this URL: This is a modified version of it. I belive above note is about United States of America so I added a small note in the first line. Face surveillance violates people’s right to have privacy and it’s not fine.


Everything's Political 15 Oct 2019

I see a lot of people (like Gianni Infantino) insist that football (soccer) is separated from politics. This is a ridiculous statement to make. Lots of political stuff are happening in FIFA itself. United States threatens FIFA that if FIFA pays its debt, They (FIFA) will face USA’s sanctions. Saudi Arabia won’t play in Iran and Qatar because of political disagreements. FIFA forces Iran to let women in stadiums (which is a good thing) but it’s only for national games and Iranian federation only lets limited number of women in and there’s no equal opportunity for women to enter stadiums and also they can’t go to see games of club competitions.

FIFA (and other international federations) are managed by corrupt people who are thirsty for power and will never force federation who voted for them to do opposite of their will. Politics are always involved; in everything. We can’t separate politics from sports or other stuff. We should not ignore this fact.


Paranoia 14 Oct 2019

I believe paranoia in online world is a good thing. I wasn’t always like this. Like most of the people I started using computers with Windows OS and proprietary software. It’s not a long time since I started using free software. It’s about like 5 years but since then I became more paranoid every year. I no longer have a Facebook or Twitter accounts. I no longer pay with credit cards. I don’t sign-up on services with my real email address, I email people with a temporary email address, and I join communities with anonymous information.

Paranoia is good thing when it comes to being online I believe. But it’s becoming a problem for me. I have a routine information wipe now. I no longer answer people (at least most of them) when I don’t know them and when they don’t encrypt their email messages. I write a message on top of my email addressing possible people who are reading my emails, and other stuff.

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The Problem With E-Books 13 Oct 2019

I spend parts of my day reading books. I read a lot of books in my life. Actually I started reading books since I learned how to read. I also have a great big library of different books in my room. The thing with my books is almost all of them are printed. yes I know printed books are not good for mother nature and lots of trees should be cut to produce paper needed but e-books are also dangerous.

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Hello World With Jekyll 13 Oct 2019

I rebuilt this blog with Jekyll. Took me about 4 hours to build a new weblog with exact same theme and publishing posts with it but now it’s up. You won’t notice anything different. It’s only simpler for me to write new posts and handle post lists and pages. I’ll develop this theme with my needs but I don’t think there would be much difference.


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